The Shopmodern Condition
Poster series for the book The Shopmodern Condition by Linda Rampell.
The Shopmodern Condition is a book written by design theorist, lecturer and author Linda Rampell. It conveys a critical viewpoint on contemporary design capitalism. The brief was to create a desirable and exclusive design object of the very highest tactile and visual quality. The purpose beside illustrating the gist of the content, was also to lift up the subject of classic book design and craft. The cover is a copper hot-foil embossed into black silk cloth. On the front is a pattern that is the product of both chance and deliberation. It illustrates an abstract gestalt of the author’s explorative journey into the discourse and functions of contemporary design. For the viewer, it displays an unreadable pattern that insinuates progressive text and thought, as well as promotes the book as a pure design object in itself.

German Design Award, Winner 2018
Red Dot Design Award 2016