COSMOS Poster Series
These posters are freestanding excerpts from Gabor Palotai’s artist book COSMOS. These six posters are part of the digital promotion of the book and as such they display his distinct graphic vision of outer space, where planets, galaxies, moons, and stars turn into an abstract art. The posters consist of circles with intense patterns in white, black and orange. The circles are differently sized and have their own pattern that shapes the edges of their circle. The effect is striking: each circle has its own identity from within and yet relates to one another. The posters illustrate that each individual represents its own cosmos. The patterns in contrasting colors create a graphic rhythm that seem to make the circles swell, shrink and spin. The optical illusions open up for imagination: You are your own cosmos. The posters with their intricate graphic patterns invite to contemplation and extend outer space into your inner life.